Matt Judon Authentic Jersey  Workshops 2015 | Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex

Workshops 2015


Orgasmic Yoga (Deej & Uma, Australia)

Orgasmic Nothingness – the Orgasmic Simplicity of Being (Deej & Uma, Australia)

An Exploration of Touch (Cyndi Darnell, Australia)


Hold Me Tight: The Forgotten Art (Frank & Sheila, Germany & Austria)

Play Fight: Fight for Fun (Frank & Sheila, Germany & Austria)

Water Wrestling: Play Fighting in Water (Frank & Sheila, Germany & Austria)

Rough Body Play, 4 hour Monday workshop (Frank & Sheila, Germany & Austria)

Relating and Consent

Mono versus Poly: The Great Debate (Janet Hardy & friends, USA)

Sluthood Practicum (Janet Hardy, USA)

Faces (Frank & Sheila, Germany & Austria)

Introduction to Eco-Sex (Making Love with the Earth) (Helena May, Australia)

Three Circles Ritual, 4 hour Monday workshop (Deej & Uma, Australia)


Journey into Vulnerability (Emma Michelle, Australia)

Sexual Healing (Emma Michelle, Australia)

Mortality Lovers and Ancestors (Weizen Ho, Malaysia/Australia)


Love Beyond Gender (Janet Hardy, USA)

A Radically Inclusive Approach to Really Good Sex (Deej & Uma, Australia)

Movement and Play 

Fantasy Role Play (Janet Hardy & Helena May, USA & Australia)

Feasting the Body (Annetta Luce, USA)

Art of Stripping (for those who live as women) (Annetta Luce, USA)

Art of Stripping (for those who live as men)  (Annetta Luce, USA)

Interrogation Play (Frank & Sheila, Germany & Austria)

Moving Eros, 4 hour Monday workshop (Annetta Luce, USA)


Loving Play with Rope (Peter & Natalia, Australia & Poland)

Objects for Sex Play (Emma Michelle, Australia)


Cinematic Intimacies: Eroticism on Film (Gala Vanting, Australia)

Really Bad Sex – An Introduction to Sex Philosophy (Dr. Peter B, Australia)


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