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The Really Good Sex Party

The party provides a space where you can integrate what you have experienced over the four days of the festival. It is quietermichael hussar and more experimental than other parties in Sydney. The atmosphere is more like ritual, whose purpose is to make space for deeper physical, sensual, intimate and erotic experiences.

The party will begin with all participants having the opportunity to share with others how they are feeling and what their interests are.

There is absolutely no expectation that you engage physically beyond the sphere in which you feel safe and comfortable.

Dragan Zan Wright, who manages sound for the Three Circles Ritual, will be DJ. There will also be live performances.

The party is open for registered festival participants only!

Extravagant outfits only.

Please arrive between 3:30 and 4pm, so we can begin with a ritual, to protect the atmosphere and so the participants can enter into deep play.

The Party is for every-body. We strongly encourage playfulness, gracefulness and politeness.

What to bring: BYO, play equipment, toys, rope, etc.

Dress code: Hyper Sexy – Creative – Deviant. Extravagant outfits and costumes.

Photo credit: Michael Hussar

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