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10295400_847805531914401_215257269817564889_oThis is an archive website for the January 2015 Festival of Really Good Sex. For upcoming festivals and workshops go to

What is really good sex for me uniquely? And what I need to do–or not do–to make it happen? And what is the relation of sex to who I am? And the rest of my life?

The Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex is a place to play, learn and think more about such questions.  We provide an inclusive, safely held, experientially based, above all creative, informed and ethical alternative to what is currently on offer in the contemporary Australian landscape.

Beginning in Sydney in 2011 under the name Xplore, the 2016 editions are the largest and most comprehensive programs we have ever produced.

Some of the best and most innovative teachers in Australia, the United States, France and Japan are part of it.

The next festival will take place at the Rex Centre in Potts Point. The venue is fully air conditioned with many spacious rooms, close to public transport, affordable parking facilities and restaurants.

The festival is a unique opportunity, if you want to:

  • be more confident in your desire;
  • let go more and find the courage to discover new things;
  • meet a compatible partner who accepts you for you are;
  • have and maintain clearer boundaries with others;
  • feel happier and more alive;
  • discover and connect with others who are asking themselves similar questions;
  • integrate your sexuality in healthy and reflective ways with the rest of your life.

In any given workshop it will always be permissible to say ‘no’ or not participate. For most workshops loose fitting, comfortable clothes are appropriate. Unless otherwise specified, no workshop requires nudity. All workshops are learner-centred and for every-body–young and old. It is rewarding to come alone and/or as part of a couple. Even though some workshops may be quite physical, sexual contact as such is in no way required to participate and enjoy.

When you buy your ticket now, you will have nothing to fear if it turns out later that for some reason you can’t come. We will help you to resell your ticket by publicising it at a later date when the ticket prices are higher. No-one has ever been caught out in the 4 year history of the festival. We expect that the 2016 edition of the festival will sell out, as it did the 2015 edition.

Read Festival Director Peter Banki’s just published article in The Guardian:

“Are Any of Us Truly Comfortable with Sex”

Photo: Mélanie le Grand, Serie SELF

Festival Director: Dr. Peter B.

Read The Guardian’s review article about our 2015 festival

“The most progressive, inclusive and exploratory sexuality event in Australia.” – Cyndi Darnell

The festival reviewed on Life Matters, ABC Radio National

“…it changed my life and gave me a sustained optimism about what it is possible to experience in this realm.” HS

The festival reviewed in Cosmopolitan magazine

“What always comes to mind about the festival is the quality of the people you meet and the connections you make.” Emma Michelle Dixon, Ph.D.

Have a look at last year’s festival program and presenters.


  • Over forty workshops, films, talks, performances and party over five days.
  • A chance to meet genuine innovators in the field from the United States, France, Belgium, Japan, Singapore and Australia.
  • Three full evening programs (Friday Performance Night, Saturday Performance Night and Tuesday Party)
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